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At Global Warming and Cooling, we have created a culture of quality through continued education and superior craftsmanship. This aspect of who we are as a company ensures that the installations we perform at your home or business will provide continued comfort and efficiency every time.

One of the things we have learned over our decades of education and experience in the HVAC industry is that even when we perform every aspect of an installation perfectly there can still be some form of mechanical or electrical malfunction in that equipment prior to the end of the normal operational life span. This very knowledge encourages us to fully explain to our customers just how the warranty process works in our industry.
Global Warming and Cooling is a heating and air conditioning contractor licensed by the state of Florida. We do not manufacturer any heating or air conditioning equipment or any of the many devices that assist in their operation. While we are not a manufacturer, we do represent the manufacturers of the equipment we install.

The manufacturer is the party that provides a parts warranty over the equipment that is installed by the many HVAC contractors licensed in this state. Most of the major heating and air conditioning manufacturers offer at least a standard 5year limited parts warranty on the equipment they manufacture. Also, most of them authorize an additional 5-year parts warranty, for a total of 10 years, should the equipment that was installed in your home be properly registered in the manufacturers database within 60 days of the installation. Ideally, we would like that every heating and air-conditioning contractor would ensure that the equipment they install in their customers home was timely registered to ensure the near standard 10-year parts warranty offered by most manufacturers. In our experience that has not been the rule, but rather the exception.

In Florida, the average life span of heating and air conditioning equipment is approximately 12 years. Another fact known within the industry is that as the years progress in the natural life span of heating and air conditioning equipment the chance of parts failure escalates after approximately 7 years. Absent a timely registration of the equipment with the manufacturer database the initial parts warranty will have had expired years prior to the most likely first parts failure. As is such, the repair bill at that time will not only include the necessary labor charges but also the cost of the needed part. Who wins financially when any repair bill is higher than it could be? Probably not the homeowner!

At Global Warming and Cooling, we have partnered with the manufacturer of the Amana brand of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Our reasoning in partnering with Amana is that the business model created by Amana is a model that is second to none in the HVAC industry. Amana has envisioned and built the largest and most advanced HVAC manufacturing facility within the United States. Amana also offers the absolute best warranties available in all our industry. Through Amana’s in-house warranties we can offer each of our residential customers not only a ten-year parts and labor warranty, but also a lifetime replacement warranty for the outdoor unit should the compressor ever fail. Yes, we said lifetime.

For more information on Amana’s lifetime warranty contact Global Warming and Cooling at 904-267-0101.