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Air Conditioning Installation in North Florida

Choosing the Right Product

At Global Warming and Cooling we are positive that we provide our customers with the RIGHT product for their business cooling needs. Big statement to say the least, but after a consultation with our comfort specialist you will know that it is not just a big statement but another true and transparent assertion from the Global Warming and Cooling staff.

In the commercial HVAC business, there are many makes, and models of air conditioning equipment offered to business owners by many licensed air conditioning contractors. In the light commercial sector of the air conditioning market there are many companies that will recommend either the same make of equipment that was previously installed, or even worse recommend actual residential air conditioning equipment over a true commercial design.

Too many times, when a commercial business has what we call a rooftop package unit the same make of equipment will be recommended simply for ease of installation for a contractor. Most air conditioning manufactures have different physical dimension for their rooftop air conditioning equipment cabinets, so their equipment requires a rooftop mounting curb that matches. So, if your building has an ICP rooftop air condition unit, another manufacturers equipment may not fit on the curb that allows the indoor duct to connect to the ICP rooftop air conditioning unit. What is known in our industry but not always suggested is that any licensed contractor can have a new curb adaptor manufactured to install a different make of air conditioning equipment on your commercial building’s rooftop. There may be a situation where the same commercial equipment would be best for that specific job. However, if it is not the best for the customer then all options should be presented for consideration, not just the ones that is most convenient for the air conditioning contractor.

With residential air conditioning equipment most manufacturers provide a near standard five-year parts warranty on their equipment. In the commercial market this is not so. Most of the commercial air conditioning manufacturers offer a standard one-year parts warranty, and a few manufacturers offer an additional 4-year parts warranty for the unit’s internal compressor. We at Global Warming and Cooling, believe that not just our residential customers deserve the best air conditioning warranties in the market with the Amana Brand units, but we also believe that the commercial line of Daikin air conditioning equipment is almost always best for our commercial customers. Our recommendation is not just based on the industry leading Daikin 5-year warranty for all parts, but also the overall quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the Daikin brand.

In addition to the Daikin Brand industry leading 5-year parts warranty, Global Warming and Cooling offers not only routine maintenance memberships, but also extended labor warranties to ensure an annual fixed cost for your business air conditioning budget. Being a business ourselves we understand the importance of budgets and provide each of our customers the opportunity to know that there will be no unexpected repair bills in the future for their air conditioning needs.

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