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Residential and Commercial Service

At Global Warming and Cooling we strive to answer your basic questions and set up a convenient time window for a qualified technician to visit your property and diagnose the issues you are having with your HVAC&R equipment.

The heating and air conditioning equipment in your home is a complexity of individual mechanical, electrical and chemical systems that continuously rely on each others correct and timely operation. To properly evaluate a homes heating and air conditioning system it takes a knowledgeable professional to thoroughly examine and record each of the many systems operational conditions and then combine the resultant findings to come to a well reasoned analysis of the over all system operation. These necessary steps that Global Warming and Cooling technicians always take are the difference between us and many other contractors in our field. It is our goal that every customer have their equipment correctly evaluated to ensure the system is operating at the peak of performance to ensure system longevity and energy efficiency.

With transparency in mind at every service call our technician will offer the repairs required to return the system to its previous operational state and, if deemed necessary, will offer suggested repairs to improve the overall  efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment.

Our technicians are trained to fully quote and explain their suggested repairs prior to starting any work, so you can be sure that you are aware upfront of the costs associated with any suggested repairs. If you decide to not approve any of the suggested repairs, the only thing you will be charged is the time spent for a system analysis. Should you only want to approve the repairs needed to get the system to its previous operational state? No problem. We will perform the quoted repair and fully stand behind our work. While parts manufacturers have different warranty periods, we at Global Warming and Cooling provide at least a full 365 day warranty period for all of our labor.

For repairs, we accept: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card. All calls are c.o.d. unless previously approved through our business office.

Material Cost

Global Warming and Cooling is a fully state certified HVAC&R contractor licensed and insured to handle service repairs, maintenance and installation of all forms of residential and light commercial equipment. The one thing we are not is a manufacturer of parts or equipment. While we personally stand behind all of our staff’s labor, any and all warranties for materials and equipment are provided by the individual manufacturers of the items used. This being stated it is still our responsibility to fulfill the manufacturers offered warranty. As is such we, as all other contractors must abide by the limitation or excesses of the independent manufacturers procedures and policies. We will always inform you of any particular hurdles a manufacturer may present should we have been previously informed. In any case we will work diligently to expedite any warranty claim on our customers behalf.

An important issue we strive to address for our customers is the value of any and all the parts and services we provide to our customers. In the day and age of the internet it is rather seamless to search via Amazon, Ebay, Wish, etc… for a specific price on almost any item manufactured. With a few of our customers that are just getting to know us, we have been asked why we charge a certain price for any given part where it only costs a lesser price via the internet. First, we would suggest being cautious of any price obtained strictly from an advertised price. Most adults in our world have come to realize that marketing can be a clean word for the more descriptive word of deception. Now, it is not always a deceptive price advertised via the internet and the price offered may be the price you, or even we can obtain the item for. However, for the most efficient and effective way to serve our customers we in the HVAC&R industry rarely purchase our parts via the internet. There are numerous supply businesses throughout our service areas that we do business with to order and purchase the parts and equipment that are needed to perform the services we provide for our customers. These businesses do an excellent job of ordering and stocking the vast majority of the materials we need to serve our customers. As such those businesses may charge a different price than the one advertised and as we are a business we must use those prices as a starting point for a final price to our customers. Here at Global Warming and Cooling we will start with the price we pay and add our overhead to the part along with a reasonable profit to ensure the probability that we will be able to continue to provide excellent services to our existing and future customer base. We would like to point out that it is extremely likely that a company that does not price their jobs properly will not be able to have the necessary resources to provide the excellent services that all home and business owners deserve. Should you ever have reason to believe we are not pricing our work fairly we will readily consult with you to consider your thoughts.

Residential and Commercial Estimates

When you need to replace your heating, air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment in your home or business, we understand that it can be a stressful process.

We always strive to provide professional and accurate bids to ensure our customers do not experience any unexpected surprises and that the installation goes smoothly. To do this, we require a trained comfort specialist to visit your property and look at all the details before we provide options for replacing your HVAC&R equipment. This in-person estimate is no-pressure and is free.

We also accept project plans through our office email at

Call our office anytime if you would like to get a free estimate.