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Duct repair or replacement in north Florida

The ductwork connected to your heating and air conditioning equipment is intended to move air evenly and quietly throughout each room of your home or business. However, when the ducting is not designed or installed correctly or if anything affects the flow or temperature of the air, your ductwork can lose up to 30 percent of the overall HVAC systems efficiency. Not only can your HVAC system loose substantial efficiency, issues such as mold, mildew and poor indoor air quality may also be occurring. Improperly designed and installed duct work is a large issue throughout north Florida homes. To understand if this has occurred in your home have your ductwork inspected by the trusted HVAC professionals at Global Warming & Cooling.


Generally, you cannot see your home’s ductwork sitting out in the open, so many owners forget about it. Typically, overlooking your duct work is not a big deal as it does not require a large amount of maintenance. However, there are times when an HVAC repair is required to prevent energy loss should the duct work need repair or replacement. Some of the common problems that go wrong with the air ducts are:

  • Loosened joints from improper installation
  • Loose or missing insulation
  • Cracks that let out cold and warm air
  •  Twisted or damaged ductwork
  • A buildup of dirt, debris, and moisture
  • Corroded materials from moisture
  • Obstructions that prevent proper airflow
  • Broken vents, dampers, or zoning controls


If you are not aware of your HVAC system’s operations, it is possible that you will miss a problem in your duct system. By paying attention to your North Florida air conditioning system, you can catch small problems before they become big ones. Usually, when there is a problem in the ductwork, you will notice issues such as:

  • Warmer or cooler temperatures in some rooms over others
  • Higher or lower humidity levels in individual rooms and/or entire house
  • Excessive noise from supply or return grills
  • High utility costs
  • Reduced comfort
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Buildup of moisture, dust, and debris


At Global Warming & Cooling, we keep our technicians trained and updated on the latest advancements in ductwork, including installation, maintenance, sealing and other indoor air quality measures. It is important to choose a reliable HVAC company in North Florida. The efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system is partially dependent on the duct design and installation of the ducting connected to your heating and cooling equipment. Your family, employees and customers comfort and possibly health rely on the quality of the indoor air being circulated by the HVAC system within your home or business.

When you choose Global Warming & Cooling for ductwork service, you can expect trained technicians, around-the-clock availability, upfront pricing, scheduled appointments and a guarantee on parts and labor. Do not just assume that your ductwork is in good condition, know for certain.

To schedule an estimate for duct cleaning, repair, or maintenance, contact Global Warming & Cooling today.