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Dryer Vent Maintenance

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent not only means your clothes will take too long to dry, but it is costing you money? We purchase electricity at a rate over 12 cents per kWh, every 40-minute drying cycle of 5000-watt dryer costs 50 cents! The lint that accumulates in the dryer duct ventilation system not only reduces your dryer’s efficiency but is also combustible.  A clogged dryer vent costs you money in energy efficiency and excess dryer lint is a serious fire hazard.  Our dryer vent cleaning service is a cost-effective way to eliminate the unnecessary expense of extended drying times and keep your home safe from the risk of fire.
For most homes, cleaning the dryer vent once each year is sufficient to maintain proper air velocity and volume.  Some factors can require more frequent cleaning, including excessive use, dryer vent length and turns, and the type of vent cap on your system.
Whether your dryer vent exits under your house, on the side of your house, or on your roof, we have the necessary equipment to get to it.  Using vacuums and other equipment with brush and whip attachments, our cleaning method is guaranteed to dislodge and then remove all lint and debris from your system.

Our technique cleans your entire dryer vent system – so you can be sure the job has been done right.  According to dryer manufacturers, your dryer vent must be producing about 96 cubic feet of air per minute at a velocity of 1100 feet per minute for your dryer to be operating efficiently and safely. With Global Warming and Cooling your dryer vent will continue to provide a clear pathway for the removal of the lint, dirt, and dust.

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