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Commercial Maintenance Membership

Due to the high temperatures, humidity, and other environmental conditions here in Florida your businesses air-conditioning system is routinely subjected to natural elements that prevent your equipment from operating at its peak efficiency and effectiveness. We have heard from many new customers that “my office air conditioning system is fine” as it maintains the temperature I choose with my thermostat. In the heating and air-conditioning industry, we understand that there is a difference between an effective air-conditioner and an efficient air-conditioner. We agree that a unit that maintains the chosen temperature and humidity be an effective system. However, for that same system to also be efficient, it must reach and maintain the chosen temperature and humidity without using excessive amounts of electricity.

Shortly after any air-conditioning system is installed the natural outdoor elements, and some unnatural indoor elements start a process that continually builds conditions within an air-conditioner that prevents it from efficiently performing its job. Both the indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil are primary components that absorb and discharge the heat that is in your business. Both components cleanliness is key to the efficiency and longevity of your air-conditioning system.

The indoor and outdoor coils are two of the most important aspects of your air-conditioning system. When these components are even slightly clogged with dirt or debris the efficiency of your air-conditioning system suffers. The cleanliness of both coils is equally important for the efficiency but, the cleanliness of the indoor evaporator coil is not only important for the efficiency of your system but also the cleanliness of the air circulating within your business. As your system is designed to direct all the air within your business through your indoor unit, any dirt, debris, mold, mildew, etc. that becomes deposited inside your indoor air-conditioning unit is continually circulated throughout each of the areas of your business.

We would like to think that all air filters located within your air-conditioner would completely prevent something such as this from occurring. In our experience this is rarely the case unless a competent HVAC contractor has previously designed, installed, and maintained a filtration system such as a HEPA design. Your business may not require a HEPA design high-performance filtration system but most standard fiberglass filters, especially ones not timely changed barely clean the air within your business.

Most standard filters only traps about 10% of the dirt and debris that circulates through your air-conditioner. The remainder of the dust, debris and other organic compounds are free to build up in your indoor coil and unit cabinet. Regular and thorough maintenance performed by a qualified technician will ensure that your indoor coil and cabinet will be cleaned and disinfected.
By becoming a member at Global Warming and Cooling we can assure you that not only will your indoor and outdoor coils be free of dirt and debris, the remainder of your air-conditioning system will be properly maintained. We perform a complete 18-point check up to ensure that your system is operating at its highest possible efficiency.

We also maintain a complete diagnostic evaluation of the system operation. With our records we can see specific dynamics such as the efficiency of your motors and refrigerant systems. When we observe any downward trends, you will be not only informed by us, but we will be able to show the actual readings of your air conditioning system while it is under operation. With records such as are there will be no guess work as to the effectiveness and efficiency of your businesses air conditioning system. Further, should you ever even have a single thought we are not performing to the highest industry standards the same record will be available to you should you choose to have our work examined. We have created a positive culture at Global Warming and Cooling, transparency is a part of that culture.

If it were feasible, we would create a predetermined membership cost for our commercial customers. However, due to the vast ranges of commercial equipment, building and occupants needs and multiple other factors we must visit your location for a proper evaluation prior to providing you with a specific cost. Nonetheless, we cost our commercial jobs just as all others, with transparency in mind.

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