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Tired of poor service and expensive repairs?

At Global Warning and Cooling, we understand the air conditioning needs that every property manager has with short- and long-term rental properties. At Global Warming and Cooling, we do not see rental properties as a means for excessive billings. Just as our residential customers we treat our commercial customers in the same way we wish to be treated.

For the properties we maintain we have created a working database that will always include the pertinent information concerning the heating and air-conditioning equipment along with accurate photos of the work we perform. We believe it is important to possess and provide for an owner all documentation of the conditions found upon our arrivals and the corrected conditions upon our exits. Transparency for us is a part of our culture. In addition to our retained data base the property manager and the owner will be able to see an invoice for each job that clearly list the amount of labor required and each part that was used at the property.

While “flat rate” billing has become all the rave in the HVAC industry, we at Global will not, and cannot hide any excesses in our invoices. And, just as the “flat raters” offer an upfront price, Global Warming and Cooling will too provide an up-front estimate prior to any repairs. The only difference between the flat rate offering and our quotes will be that the manager and the owner will be able see our labor rate and the price we are charging for each part needed for the bid job. Up front pricing should be transparent, not just up front!

Global Warming and Cooling understands that heating and cooling systems sometimes fail after normal business hours. Even after hours one of our experienced personnel will return your call in a timely manner and arrange with you service for your rental properties HVAC system. We do try to limit our emergency hours to midnight, but this is not set in stone as every situation is different. We understand the expectations of individuals vary, especially when one is attempting to find rest and relaxation during a vacation or trip. Should a tenant require service after midnight we will do everything we can to ensure that the system be returned to an operational state.

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